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last update : July 27, 2004
25.08 de bolk, delft
08.09 paard van troje, den haag
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25.07.2004 Thijs and LioM go seperate ways

After 75 shows, our bassplayer Thijs and LioM have decided to go seperate ways. Thijs' priorities have been shifting throughout the last half year from the band to his company, Slik. Both parties discussed this matter in a pleasant way last sunday, which lead to the statement that you are reading now.

It has been awesome together, but only the diehards remain. The remaining bandmembers Ralf and Roman are set out to keep this band going, without a doubt! The search for a new bassplayer has started. Legends in our Mind will appear on the upcoming confirmed shows. The rebirth process may take some time, but you will be our witnesses.

Thijs wishes the band all the best and thanks everyone for their patience. He will focus on both finishing his architecture study and growing Slik into a full-fledged company - which seems quite enough for one man. He will return on stage somewhere though, any time near soon.

30.05.2004 Raising hell in Rotown

Some days are okay, some are pretty good and, just a couple times in a lifetime, an amazing day can summarize all you dream of. We and our buddies from Cellophane played Rotown yesterday. Full house. Hot. Steaming shows. Great sound, great lighting. A crowd going nuts. And after that, hanging out in this country's best venue with some whiskey and a beer. Thanx everyone!

22.05.2004 We are back in the studio

Over the last two weeks, we spent three days demorecording at Excess Studio's in Rotterdam. With Roman Schoensee, our producer for this occasion, the songs are sounding at least as good as what we had in mind when making them. We will take our time to mix and master the 3 songs, so just keep you eye on this website to see the result, which will be a modest single/mini release.

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