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last update : November 4, 2003
25.08 de bolk, delft
08.09 paard van troje, den haag
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no feelings (mp3, 5171K)
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No Feelings (mp3, 128 bit, 5171K)
  No Feelings is the second song from our mini-cd Living for Today. We wrote this song in the early days of the current line-up - around springtime 2002.
What you do to me (mp3, 128 bit, 4320K)
  This is the first song on our mini-cd Living for Today, released in september 2002. It was recorded in Excess Studio, Rotterdam, in the hot and humid summer of 2002, with producer Paul de Jong and engineer Dennis Leidelmeijer. Visit our online store if you wish to get the mini-cd Living for Today!
Look Back (mp3, 128 bit, 4027K)

This song was recorded by Jurgen in april 2002 in the Studio's of SAE, a private school's studio in Rotterdam. It was an experiment on working with each other in a studio environment. Let's just say we learned a lot from that...