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last update : September 23, 2003
25.08 de bolk, delft
08.09 paard van troje, den haag
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Links to related bands
Face Tomorrow wishing all the best to our emo-homies ;)
Remorse Former band of Thijs, may still be worth a visit
Craven Pretty brutal crossover from Rotterdam
Mono Much promosing indie/noise/rock trio from Rotterdam
Sulphur Smashing Pumpkings/Placebo/Neil Young mix from Schiedam
Skip the Rush former conQbine, terrific metalpop combo from Amsterdam
Vixy Schiedam ska/reggae combi
Stenchtown Rotterdam reggae, with Ralf on guitar back in the early days
Incense Terribly loud though terrific noiseheroes
Links to related companies
Slik hosting this domain and site generously
Koro delivering our offset & printing work generously
Music Force store for all of our gear. Generous supplier when we're in need
Pearl Drums manufacturer of Romans really cool drumkit
Suburban Independent marketing and distributing company, for cool bands only
Links to venues we played
Boerderij Modern venue with cosy cafe and enormous hall
Koornbeurs Delft, booking all kinds of bands
Little Cave Rotterdam, small yet cosy
Nighttown Rotterdam, still hosting big shows as well as very small ones
Popcentrale New venue in Dordrecht, a power plant converted to cultural hangout
Waterfront Excellent practicing studios + great place to see shows and hang out
Winston Kingdom Great, laid-back place in the heart of Amsterdam
Links to interesting sites
Guitar Online Tools Why pay more : download a free metronome and tuner here
PopUnie Our region's band promotion office
Mappy The website providing maps enabling us to find our shows
Musician Musician portal
MusicFrom Musician portal
NederTabs The place to be for Nederpop tablature
Rockacademie National academy for upcoming rock 'n roll talents