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last update : May 17, 2004
25.08 de bolk, delft
08.09 paard van troje, den haag
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movie : life on the road
duration : 37 sec
download size : 469 K
a general image of the boring part of touring. LioM is driving through the German rain on the autobahn.
movie : warming up
duration : 43 sec
download size : 536 K
a look behind the scenes: LioM warming up for their show in Riesa Efau, Dresden.
movie : the Carpenter
duration : 1 min 17 sec
download size : 961 K
ok, just a little joke for you Rembo&Rembo-lovers out there! If you're dutch and you don't recognize this, your childhood must have been dreadful. All credits to our role models!
European Tour 2 - DE, CZ, april 7-12, 2004 - photos by stephan/thijs/gregg iascaire
april fools: hazel and snow right after the German border - some start for a tour! Horsaal Rockt : and the overcrowded university auditorium did rock! Horsaal Rockt : Thijs Horsaal Rockt : Ralf Horsaal Rockt : great subliminal lighting
Horsaal Rockt : Thijs image of Dresden Demo recordings at Omics Studio : Roman Omics Studio : Roman  trying some samples for  Waterfalls Omics Studio : Ralf
Horsaal Rockt : double vocals Riesa Efau : double vocals again Riesa Efau : feedbacking on stage Riesa Efau : Slowhand Ralf Chilling out at the Face Tomorrow show in Rosswein : Roman and Jelle
Omics Studio demo recording : Peter behind the mixing table Omics Studio demo recording : Ralf dubbing vocals Omics Studio owner and engineer Peter chilling out at Rosswein : Thijs & Tijs chilling out at Rosswein :  Roman and his beer
European Tour 1 - DE, CZ, PL, november 17-23, 2003- photos by Juri
this apparently innocent  creature made our van bump into a car promotion for the kyjovski festival promotion for guru club promotion for our show in Nove Mesto best poster we ever had - LioM supported by the Teletubbies!
Ralf rocking at Kyjovski festival crowd at our kickoff at Nighttown main hall, supporting Nada Surf crowd at Kyjovksi festival Roman rocking out at Kyjovski festival Thijs rocking out at Kyjovski festival
Roman brought his infamous skating suit and panda hat, and scared the hell out of us inflammable Ralf at Club Mand, Nove Mesto Ralf at kick-off show, Nighttown band and crew : Props to Sjoerd, Tijs and Juri  
first acoustic appearance @ Speakers, march 20th 2003- photos by Juri
Grover Pop @ Simplon, november 09th 2002 - photos by Juri
pearl export, masters series : romans new drumkit the crowd got wild
cd-release Nighttown, september 14th 2002 - photos by Juri
studio shoot july 7th 2002 - photos by Rosa
Dennis and his mixing table
practice session december 2001 - photos by Roman