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last update : December 10, 2003
25.08 de bolk, delft
08.09 paard van troje, den haag
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A concise history of Legends in our Mind

The dutch rocktrio Legends in our Mind may be regarded as Rotterdams' worst kept secret. For almost two years now, the band traveled all around the country to do what they're best at : blowing minds, breaking hearts, and leaving burning tracks when they get off stage afterwards.

Three boys met each other after years filled with adventures that brought them along ska, punk, reggae, metalcore - and Europe. With their minds more than ever set to the purity of music, they produce an ever increasing number of songs that can be pushed under labels like rock 'n roll, emo, wave - if you wish to push them under a label anyway. The always present influence by rockmonsters like U2, The Police and Muse is added by a touch of flavour of the week (currently being Dredg, Saybia, Incubus).

Since march '03, the band has added an acoustic set to their catalogue. With this addition to the sometimes overwhelming electric set, Legends in our Mind can play at any stage, on every streetcorner, anywhere on the planet. With an extra guitarist and a violin player, the typical LioM-sound is translated into a similar, yet different feel. The one and only way to turn a stadium-rockact into a wedding combo!

Legends in our Mind played both acoustic and electric on their 2003 European Tour (kicked off by a support show for Nada Surf in Nighttown main hall), which lead them through Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. Being on tour was amazing for them, and it inspired them to work on new material so they can record a full length, and then tour more. This full length would be the sequel to Living for Today, their first mini-cd, which was released in a steaming Nighttown (Rotterdam) on september 14th 2002.

Confident as musicians, but humble as a band, knowing that there is so much to improve and so many dogs eating dogs out there, Legends in our Mind tries to perform to their best and, if the best is good enough, reach the sky.

the members

name Ralf 'Lovehandle' Mastwijk
role guitar player, vocalist
looks tall, slick dark hair, bowling shoes & lovehandles
likes dark hair, round shapes, Asian Looks
former bands Rectum, Stenchtown
influence Dredg, Muse, Ours, Tom McCrae, Pearl jam and U2
questions ralf@legendsinourmind.nl

name Roman Saul Reijs
role drummer, booker
looks shorty, stylish looks, shorty
likes people looking like Birgit and/or Shakira
former bands Rectum
influence Jeff Buckley, Dredg, Saybia, Pearl Jam
questions  roman@legendsinourmind.nl
name Thijs 'Frits' Leydens
role bassplayer, backing vocalist
looks regular as regular can be
likes it well done and darn tasty
former bands Remorse, Blodge Blast, e.o.
influence Sunny Day Real Estate, Muse, Dredg
questions  thijs@legendsinourmind.nl & www.thijs.nu
press : interviews & reviews
date author type desription / quote
20.05.03 musicfrom.nl article "De Rotterdamse formatie Legends in our Mind stuurde ons hun cd 'Living for Today' op en daar wilde ik wel meer van weten. Ik nodigde de band uit voor een gesprek in de studio." [ entire transcript ]
25.04.03 radio poppodium interview "Wat ga jij doen met je band deze zomer? Oefenen totdat je er bij neervalt, met de band in je stamkroeg hangen of misschien werken om al je schulden af te betalen? Of ga je de droom die je met je band hebt eindelijk verwezenlijken? Legends in our Mind doet het laatste en gaat deze zomer op tour door Europa!" [ screenshot | link ]
21.03.03 DutchDemos.com review "Met name de opener ‘What you do to me’ overtuigt dankzij de bluesy tic en het aangename stemgeluid van zanger/gitarist Ralf ‘Neukteugel’ Mastwijk". [ screenshot | link ]
15.03.03 FreeMusic.cz review "Proste pocit, který vychází z vás nedá se koupit ani oblafnout. A o tom by hudba mela být predevším o (subjektivních) pocitech, nemyslíte?" [ screenshot | link ]
10.01.03 Speaker review "...Daarnaast is het al eerder genomende uiterlijk van de cd een pluspunt even als de uitstekende produktie. Het geheel is helder en de instrumenten klinken prima. Maar volgens mij kunnen ze beter dan ze hier laten horen".
05.12.02 LiveXS review "Luister maar naar What you do to me, een nummer wat nu al in aanmerking komt voor de titel 'Zomerhit 2003'. Uniek geluid en een unieke band, aanrader!" [ scan ]
01.12.02 Dimi interview [ screenshot ]
17.10.02 Oor review "De zang en de arrangementen zijn nog onvolgroeid, maar na een aantal draaibeurten begon ik daar doorheen te luisteren. Daardoor kwam het karakteristieke van de band meer naar voren, en dat is precies de charme van deze cd"
[ scan ]
22.09.02 Stadskrant Delft interview "Voor ons betekent [delft city beats] gewoon een leuk optreden in festivalsfeer. En zelf spelen, dat is het leukste dat er is" [ scan ]