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last update : July 27, 2004
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News archive
17.05.2004 New pics and movies online

A small selection of photos from our last two tours are placed on our images page. We also added some small entertaining movies we shot on our last tour. Finally, we placed the new bandphoto we shot at Riesa Efau in Dresden. Start downloading - now.

15.04.2004 Our European Tour was great!

We came back from a one-week tour that brought us to Dresden and Czech Republic. Our full story of this very succesful occasion will be published here on short notice. We played for many people, built up some very nice contacts and well, we rocked the shit out of everybody.

25.03.2004 Studio time postponed

Because our producer Roman Schoensee had to attend to another job, we moved our studiotime to may. We are prepared to record 4 new songs, including our latest song Waterfalls, and we think it's an advantage to tour a little with these songs first. So expect these recordings online around the beginning of june - sorry for those who were so eager to hear more of us!

22.02.2004 LioM back in the studio

We are going to record a three song demo in Excess Studio on 25th and 26th of march (note: we don't book shows before that date!). We are too eager to wait for recording our full length. Roman Schoensee (not Roman our drummer) will be producing this project that should help us getting a label or distribution. We expect it finished around the beginning of may.

21.02.2004 we didn't make it!

It was a good competition, and we are very sorry to say we were on the losing side this time! Qrio, Blo.Torch and 4 other bands went through to the GPZH finals. Good luck to them, and a thank you to everyone who came up to us to say 'what, you didn't make it? damn those juries!'. We had a pretty tough hangover next morning after a good night drinking, but we have recovered now.

14.02.2004 awaiting results after GPZH semi-finals

We noticed last saturday at LVC in Leiden there is a lot of talent around in the area; it was the second round of the regions most prestigious award for young bands, the 'Grote Prijs van Zuid-Holland', or GPZH. Next saturday will be the announcement of who is going through to the finals. Anyway we had a fair show at LVC and we would like to thank everyone coming to see us and cheering as loudly as you all did!

20.01.2004 LioM guests at Radio West

We will be appearing on Radio West's Stork on Air, a brandnew radioshow for alternative music, with local bands appearing. It is the successor to the alleged legenday Popstad nr 12-show. Ralf and Thijs will perform some acoustic songs and will do an interview for Stork on Air, which broadcasts every thursday from 19:00 to 21:00. For frequencies, go here.

18.01.2004 Simplon show cancelled

The mini-tour we were planning for february with Cellophane and our German fellows Sonority Subunit had some setbacks. The Nighttown show was moved from the friday 6th to sunday 8th, and unfortunately, Simplon had to cancel our show because of a double booking. We hope to get a replacing date for that, because we were very eager to play there again.

10.01.2004 Liom to tour Europe again this april

After last summer's successful 10-day European Tour we got the hang of it - so here we go again! We will return to Czech Republic, Poland and Germany and if all goes well we can add Denmark to our schedule soon. We will be going on april 3rd and return 15 days later. As you all may have read in our tour report, touring is the ultimate thing to for us as a band. Check later for updates!

24.12.2003 LioM selected for semi-finals 'Grote Prijs van Zuid Holland'

We are happy to announce we have been selected as one of the semi-finalists for the 'Grote Prijs van Zuid-Holland', which is this regions most important contest for bands. In theory, this might lead us to the Grote Prijs van Nederland, the prestigious award for unsigned bands. But of course, we will first focus on the first round, which will take place on february 14th, valentine's day! We will keep you posted on who will be the other bands, what songs we will be playing, etc.

30.11.2003 acoustic 2nd guitar player joins Face Tomorrow

Tijs Hop, our 2nd guitar player for acoustic shows, has joined Face Tomorrow as their new bassplayer. Tijs will continue to play with us as much as possible, but he will be spending most of his time at Face Tomorrow, who are in the writing process for their second full length album. More on this on their website. All the best to Tijs!

16.11.2003 We have been working on a restyle

You are looking at the result of another brainwave that has lead to a new website. You will recognize most of the functions from previous designs. the change is in the look, not the feel! I hope you are just as curious as we are if this style is going to be decisive for future sleeve, button or tshirt designs! Feel free te respond or tell us what you would like to see changed on this website.

15.11.2003 Ralf meets Logic : new mp3 online
Ralf's first attempt to record songs using Logic software has resulted in a downloadable version of Promise Me. Ralf recorded the song using 1 tiny mic, a guitar and his vocal chords. Give it a try and let us know what you think!
05.11.2003 first appearance of keyboard player
Thursday 20th of november will be our second appearance on the Waterfront stage. Another new song is added to our setlist, called Broken View. Ruben van der Bosch will be playing piano/synth.
15.10.2003 interview and acoustic show on the air
We have been invited to play at the 'Café Ratatouille' radio show for Stadradio Delft on november 13th. It looks like we will perform some songs acoustic and do a small interview. Be sure to tune in on Stadsradio Delft at 106.3 FM or 92.9 FM on cable between 21:00 and 23:00.
15.09.2003 We're working on a restyle

Now that the tour is over and we're musically reinventing ourselves again, we thought it's time to start working on a new look. The design is finished so all we have to do is fill in the gaps. It's going to be something radically different of course. In two weeks (knock wood) it should be all finished, all prepped up to blow you away.

13.09.2003 Did we mention our new tshirt?

Just before the tour we finished the new line of LioM fashion. It is the most upright and personal design we ever made on textile, truly emo! Some of these shirts are already sold out, so go check out our store and get it now - and don't forget to order some of our new buttons in three different designs.

12.09.2003 What's happening?

We hope you all liked to read our tour report! We have been working on new material since, and right now we have six songs waiting to be finished to play live. Last saturday we tried Time Heals All Wounds (named after our new tshirts) for the first time, and people seemed to like it as much as we did. This is one of these songs we will never ever get tired of playing.

25.03.2003 Rock 'n roll background
Did we mention we really loved playing acoustically? We were subtly reminded that rocking and rolling electrically on stage is at least as much fun when we played Rage in Rotterdam last friday. Please do download our newest background (116K) to check out what we look like when we're in the rock 'n roll mood!
20.03.2003 First acoustic session proves succesful
Last night we played our first acoustic gig ever. Thijs Hop backed us up as 2nd guitar player, thanks for that! Everyone seemed to be pretty excited and we loved playing like this, so we will definitely do this more often from now on. Soon playing in a bar near you!
07.02.2003 LioM on the air on march 10th
On march 10th, some of our songs and a live interview will be broadcast on Boschtation FM on the Radio Poppodium show. If you live in the Den Bosch area, you can get it by scanning to 95.2 mHz (ether) or to 87.5 mHz (cable). Check their site to get a live stream if you live somewhere else. There's no way to miss out.
21.01.2003 LioM to tour Europe this summer
The LioM boys are going to have a swell vacation this summer. This vacation goes to the heart of Europe, where we will rock out festivals, basements and tiny bars. Or at least, we got a couple confirmed gigs for Czech Republic. Our gentle throats will be soothened by the wonderful beers...so visit the tourpage, and help us out for the bunch of shows we still need to make this thing worthwile. Wow.
20.01.2003 first acoustic session planned
the 20th of march will be a date to look forward to. This day will mark our first public appearance with our acoustic set, in Speakers (Delft). Punkheroes Cooper will play, while noiseheroes Incense and psychedelic heroes Alquin play the main stage. This could be the beginning of something beautiful, so don't forget to write this one down in your calander - in bold.
18.01.2003 Slave one more time
As a special request, the alleged legendary ska anthem Slave by Roman and Ralfs previous band Rectum will be reanimated one more time. Friday 24th, at Fieke's goodbye-party in Nighttown, bassplayer Thijs will exchange his 4 string Washburn for a 6 string Fender, while another Thijs replaces Thijs on the basguitar. Obviously, this is gonna be really weird.
01.01.2003 Happy new year
2002 has been a great year for Legends in our Mind. Just browse through the previous news items...we had 23 shows, a new mini-cd, great reviews, great response, and maybe most important of all, we still like each other! Thanks go out to all of our really supportive friends, especially our producer Paul and our roadie Juri. With a new little studio of our own and an acoustic set to work on, 2003 will become an even better year for sure. All the best to you, rock on in 2003!
18.11.2002 Independent distribution progresses
We've been working on a headstart for distributing Living for Today. Of course it was available at all of our shows for over two months, but from now on, cd's will be displayed and sold in independent retailors in Rotterdam and Delft. If anyone wants to help us out on distributing it throughout the area/country, be sure to be welcomed with a heartwarming applause.
19.10.2002 New songs finished
Last couple of weeks, we've been working on fixing our own little studio in Ralfs appartment, progressing slowly. Meanwhile we're working on new material, of which some we're going to try out on our next gigs. Don't miss out on Once, and other songs we haven't thought up a title for.
28.09.2002 Online merchandise store launched
Maybe it sounds ambitious, but it' s the shortest term we could think of: we now have an online store! You can place your orders here and pay for them with cash or bank transfer. We have cd's, shirts and free posters! It's christmas before you now it: Order now, treat yourself and make us wealthy in the process.
08.09.2002 ignition...3,2,1...takeoff : Living for Today launched
Waking up after the releaseparty that took place in Nighttown, we are only beginning to grasp how amazing it was. Skip the Rush, vj Slik, dj Patrick were all great, and according to a loudly cheering crowd, we ourselves rocked pretty good too! Nighttown Café was loaded, and the ambiance was incredible. This could be the start of something beautiful. Truckloads of thankfulness go out to everyone involved!
08.09.2002 Rockgames continue
Tonight we found ourselves in the middle of a contest, entitled Rockgames. It's a series of 'battles' between two bands, with 32 bands starting a knock-out system that leaves one winner in the end. We survived the first round, playing 'against' Mig, which we thought were cool. We broke a couple of strings, lost a couple of drumsticks and our monitor sound, but it's great to back on stage anyway.
07.09.2002 Second skin
We have changed the skin (so, just the look, not the feel) of our website, according to all other material we produced for the making and the promotion for living for today. Nothing changed place however, so it's still as easy and quick to browse as ever.
05.09.2002 Popcentrale show moved
The show in Popcentrale (Dordrecht) that was supposed to take place on september 27th, has moved to november 22nd. It's a shame a show for our living for today release tour has moved but fortunately another show with Face Tomorrow has been added : like last year, we will be playing in Kaatje P at Hogeschool Rotterdam, on september 19th.
28.08.2002 'Living for Today' finished
We are extremely happy to announce our first mini-cd is finished: recorded, mixed and mastered. All we have to do now is finish the sleeve design and get the cd thousandfold. It feels like pieces of the puzzle coming together - Producer Paul de Jong did a brilliant job mastering the CD. We're finishing some more new songs to join the songs on this cd for the cd-presentation on september 14th. Don't dare to stay away!
21.08.2002 Mixing/mastering continues
We should have been finished by now, but because we're still getting into the final details of two songs, we have booked one more day in the mixing studio. It is exhausting for all of us, but without any doubt satisfactory in the end : the release of the CD is planned for september 14th in Nighttown! In the meantime more shows are added (Boerderij, Waterfront) and merchandise is being prepared. Fasten seatbelts please.
19.08.2002 Mixing/mastering process started
We've been making a final mix for 'I Can't Stand it' yesterday. We have to admit it's pretty tough to get the exact sound you want in a 34°C room filled with lots of expensive equipment, thick smoke and five obnoxious men. Our gratitude goes out to Dennis and Paul who are doing a nifty job on producing and mixing the zillion tracks we filled up this summer!
08.07.2002 Recording for 'Living for Today' finished
As most of you may have read in our newsletter, we have been recording in the Excess Studio in Rotterdam. All recording is finished, and after a short break of a couple of weeks (holiday for all three of us) we will start mixing and mastering, together with Dennis Leidelmeijer (who also did the recording) and Paul de Jong. It's hard to put it in words, but everyone of us are extremely curious, yet confident, about the end result.
01.07.2002 Paul de Jong co-produces 'Living for Today'
Producer Paul de Jong has generously offerred his help for the mixing and mastering of our upcoming cd 'Living for Today'. We're pretty thrilled about the concept of having a co-producer in the first place, and we're convinced he's the right man on the right spot for us.

19.06.2002 LioM getting ready for the studio

Finally, after months of writing, practicing, and playing on stage, we are going to hit the studio in a couple of weeks from now. Every break, every lick, every solo is refurbished, so there's no need to worry. We take most of july off so we can celebrate our own holidays, so we have august to prepare all the artwork and get the whole thing going, and to prepare an acoustic set that might come in handy one day.
19.06.2002 New songs finished
We have three songs most of you have not heard yet. It will take a while before we will play them live, but at least we (the band) think it is worth the wait ;) None of the songs have a title as of yet, but let's say there's one greasy bluessong, one short, sweet ballad and one song that has pretty much most of the current pop/rockgenres stuffed in it.
20.05.2002 Newsletter service launched
Like any ambitious band seems to be doing nowadays, we have started our own newsletter. We will make a monthly edition that can be sent to you through email. Unlike all those ambitious bands' lists, this newsletter is not going to look crappy, and the information is not going to be boring - we promise. Enter your email-address in the right margin of this page, or if you want more info, read legendsinourmind.nl/newsletter.
04.05.2002 Roman to rock the Rock Academy
Roman has passed the first qualification round for entering the Rock Academy in Tilburg, leaving 40 contestants behind him. LioM will have to play at the final audition. Luckily, we will be joined by Face Tomorrow, who's drummer Sjoerd has also passed this first round. Sad thing is we can't bring in people, so the jury will be the only witnesses of this remarkable event. If you do want to support roman, wish him luck!
25.04.2002 Excess Studio booked for july
LioM will be finally recording a demo, in Excess Studio, Rotterdam. Producer/engineer Hans Pieters was very enthusiastic about our previously mentioned recordings and is looking forward to enter the dark room with the band on july 4,5 and 7. Mixing and mastering will be done later that month, and august will be used for layout and the actual production. Prepare yourself for the releaseparty early september!
28.03.2002 Demo recordings
Yesterday we suddenly found ourselves in a small studio, trying to record a short demo. The studio was booked for another band who cancelled only hours before they were supposed to play. Anyway, everything went fairly okay and hopefully we can spend some more hours there so we can have at least something to send around and publish on our website. Keep posted.
24.03.2002 Off Corso show changed room
The Off Corso management has decided to move Erik van Loon's presentation for his 'Dutch Dream' project from the main stage to The Launch right next to it. It's both a dissapointment and a relief : we have to admit we were kinda nervous to play the main stage, though it might have become a real blast. Anyway, it is still going to be a blast because we believe the whole Dutch Dream show is going to be huge success!
20.03.2002 Off Corso main stage awaits LioM
We are pretty excited to announce we will be playing in Off Corso (Rotterdam) on april 4th. With a capacity of 2500, it is by f-a-r the largest place LioM has ever played. We will be guiding artist Erik van Loon with his launch of his 'Dutch Dream'-show with music, vj's, all kinds of art and, hopefully, lots of people. If there's one time we need your support, it's now : please show up! It's free!
08.03.2002 minor adjustments to website
Just to let you know we have added some extra features on this website. From now on you can click on the upcoming shows (on the right). You can find all info on any show : maps, travel guides, with which bands and so on. We have also added some really cool photos we took of ourselves in a spontaneous outburst of vanity. Forgive us. Enjoy.
06.03.2002 Roman buys new gear
Roman is pleased to announce the arrival of his brandnew drumkit. He bought a Pearl select drumkit at the MusicForce Company. The drumkit will be Maple-coloured with the newest hardware. The bass drum is a 18x22" including the mounted tombs 9x12" - 10x12" - 12x14". The snare is a Specially Master Class series. All tombs are hanging on separate stands. It's a real bedwetting kit for Roman! In three months (!) dreaming, the kit will arrive so Roman kan rock like he has never rocked before.
06.03.2002 LioM prepare for Koornbeurs gig
Thijs seems to have his voice back, so hopefully there will be more backing vocals than last time...we are sure everyone of you will show up in Delft on march the 12th. We will start at about 22:00, the doors of the really cool basement are open from 17:00 or so. The admission is FREE of charge, so be there!
02.03.2002 LioM graduate at rock 'n roll high school
We had a lot of fun playing at the rock 'n roll high school last night in Nighttown. We could only play half an hour but it was worth the trouble. Too bad Thijs' vocals halted after a couple of songs but Ralf was able to manage on his own. Thanks everybody for showing up!
26.02.2002 Nighttown show confirmed
We are very happy to play again with Face Tomorrow, next friday on march 1st - this time in Nighttown Theater in Rotterdam. The gig will take place just after the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has played in the large hall. The doors will open at 21:00, but we're not sure at what time we're going to play exactly. Just make sure you're there :) entrance will be € 4,-. You can check it all out on the flyer.
23.02.2002 forum finished
We're still working on the site as the 1st of march deadline is rapidly approaching. We have added a forum to suit your needs to talk to each other - and us! Try the forum, you don't need a password : just enter your name only when prompted. You can leave the password field blank. Be sure to post a LOT so you can become a forum wannabie groupie or even a real forum groupie!
16.02.2002 website near completion
We are pretty proud to present to you our new website. It's not completely up and running but most important parts are finished. Feel free to browse around, read more about our beautiful selves and listen to the songs we have worked on the last couple of months. If you find any errors or if you have any suggestions, always feel free to mail us.
09.02.2002 two new songs
Todays jam was pretty productive. We named them 'look back' and 'incense' for now - as working titles. Stay tuned as we work on reasonable mp3's!